Broadcast on the 9th November 2017

This webinar last approximately one hour and features:

  • a welcome form the project coordinator, Michael Schaepman, at the University of Zurich
  • a welcome from Marc Paganini,at the European Space Agency, explaining the role of space agencies in producing RS-enabled EBVs
  • presentations from panelists on the status of the project, project communications and a summary of the first international workshop
  • some brief questions from attendees

Unfortunately due to a technical issue there is no audio on this webinar until 2:20. Thereafter, the webinar has full audio


Broadcast on the 23rd January 2018

This webinar last approximately one hour and features:

  • a welcome from the GlobDiversity team at WCMC and the University of Zurich
  • an overview of the GlobDiversity pilot sites - their distribution and rationale for selection
  • individual presentations from pilot site focal points and panellists on the pilot site characteristics and their expectations of the collaboration
  • some brief questions and answers from panellists


Broadcast on the 12th February 2019

This webinar last approximately one hour and features:

  • Introduction to the GlobDiversity project
  • Role of the Satellite Observation Requirements (SOR) document
  • Recap of the SOR review process
  • Participant introduction and questions



Broadcast on the 14th June 2019

This webinar last approximately 1h 45 min and features:

  • An overview of the project
  • Participant introduction and questions
  • Discussion on the utility of RS-enabled EBVs in vegetation models
  • Where are the gaps - what is needed from remote sensing to improve vegetation models?
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The final meeting of GlobDiversity took place on 4 September, with an open session in the afternoon when the project team presented the results of the project. Over 50 people attended to hear presentations about the overall project achievements, users handbook, four use case demonstrations, upscaling activity, and a roadmap for building on the work on RS-enabled Essential Biodiversity Variables in the future. A recording of these presentations is available here.